April 18, 2007

19th Bi-Annual General Meeting

Today the old and new board members as well as the VRDTCA staff gathered together for the 19th Bi-annual General Meeting. It was held at Tambea Hall, and ended early afternoon. Pictured above are all the new board members in attendance. A new chairperson was voted on, then there was a briefing for new members about projects, staff contracts, the resolution of the 18th AGM, the Constitution of VRDTCA, the VRDTCA 10 year strategic plan, and land. Afterwards, there was an outlining of the projects budget.

April 12, 2007

Keamu Rural Trening Senta

By: A. Yakam

Keamu Rural Trening Center hemi nem blong nufala Trening Centre we hemi jas kirap long aelan blong Aneytum long TAFEA provins. Focus blong RTC ia hemi menly long mekanik from se hemi gat wan experience mekanik trena we hemi bin stap tij long wan RTC bifo mo hemi gat bikfala inters long eria ia. RTC ia i stat of wetem 6 pikinini.

Long steg we i stap bai KRTC bai hemi yusum komuniti haos olsem klasrum mo bai oli mekem ol pratikel wok aotsaed long ol temprori shed, taem we oli wet long sekondri skul i muv long new site. Be sapos i stil gat delay long sekondrei skul, bai kansel blong ol jifs i disaed long wan nufala site from oli sapotem fulwan.

Nao ia i gat wan trena we hemi stap tijim mekanik mo wetem help blong six trenees we oli skul livas oli manej blong fixem ol machinery tul we Ex MP, Pastor Thomas mo Mamla company i bin lego few yias bifo. Intres i stap tu long ranem trening long woodwork, Homekea, Smol bisnis mo ol narafala sabjek we komuniti i gat inters long hem mo oli bin idindifiem ol trenas finis.

Blong stat wetem, skul fis hemi 2000VT long wan term mo oli stap wok blong mekem ol narafala fundraising blong help long kost long running blong RTC.

Long saed long ol trening modules, KRTC bai i depen mainly long modules we VRDTCA bai i providem mo tu oli stap wok blong setelem affilisen fees blong hem wetem VRDTCA. Long saed blong ol tuls blong wok, olgeta i gat fulap local risos i stap blong wok wetem mo taem oli setup gud bai oli wok blong kasem sam tul blong mekanik mo woodwork blong helpem olgeta blong leftemap standat b long trening.

March 28, 2007

CEDAW mock session


Vanuatu’s Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women report to the United Nations is in May, so a mock session was held in March at the University of the South Pacific. The session was headed by the Minister for Justice and Social Welfare, who provided the delegation with a rehearsal before they travel to New York in May.

CEDAW representatives from Australia, Fiji and Samoa took on the role of the UN committee in the mock session. Their job was to question the Vanuatu government delegation on the progress of CEDAW in Vanuatu, in line with the actual question session happening in May. The proceedings were extremely helpful in preparing the delegation for the UN session.

The entire session was filmed in order to provide a training resource for other Pacific countries involved in CEDAW presentation preparation.

The CEDAW Vanuatu Government report is divided into 18 articles covering topics such as discrimination against women and equality in law and civil matters.

March 11, 2007

Packing up donations

The picture is of Johnna packing up a pile of mats to take to the victims from Ambrym. The staff from VRDTCA as well as various other local NGOs and churches took donations of clothing, mats, dishes, toys, etc. to the over one hundred families camped out in the auditorium at ex FOL, many of whom had lost their homes in events leading up to the National State of Emergency. We loaded up the entire trunk of the VRDTCA vehicle, and dropped off the donations of Friday morning.

Afta long March 3 problem we i bin hapen long Vila we i luk 3 man i bin lusum laef blong olgeta, fulap famili blong Ambrym komiuniti we oli lusum haos blong olgeta oli bin go stap tugeta long Ex-FOL. Long taem blong problem ia we i bin gat Stage of Emergency tu, fulap organaeseison oli bin givhan long ol famli we oli lusum evri samting blong olgeta. I gat help we i kam long saed blong kakai, klos, mo fulap narafala help i kam blong helpem ol famli ia oli bildim ap laef blong olgeta bakegen. VRDTCA mo RTC oli bin help tu long taem ia blong givim sapot i go long ol victim ia taem we oli stap long Ex-FOL. VRDTCA i bin fulmapem wan trak wetem ol samting we ol pipol ia oli save yusum kwik taem. Daerekta blong VRDTCA mo ol staf nao oli bin go blong givim aot ol samting ia long ol victims long EX-FOL. Spoksman blong ol victim i talem bigfala tank yu long VRDTCA mo i glad blong luk se wan NGO olsem i save givim help long taem blong problem. VRDTCA i glad tumas blong save help long taem blong wan problem olsem blong bildimap laef blong ol pipol ia bageken.

Gender Workshop February 2007

Long namba 27 Februari kasem namba 2 Maj, VRDTCA i bin organaesem wan jenda trening wokshop blong ol RTC. Fulap homekea trena mo sam maneja tu oli atendem wokshop ia blong lanem wanem hemi jenda, mo hao nao oli save mekem sua se ol gel mo boe oli gat semak janis blong stadi long wan RTC, mo gat wan braet fiuja. Britis Hae Komisen (BHC) long Fiji i bin givim mani long VRDTCA blong organeasem woksop ia, so mifala i wantem talem wan bigfala thank yu long evriwan long BHC. Woksop ia hemi wan bigfala sakses from ol patisipen oli bin kam wetem wan open mind mo oli bin kontributem fulap impoten toktok. VRDTCA i hop se bae planti RTC oli inkludem jenda long kerikulam blong olgeta.

The four day gender workshop took place at Dumbea Hall. The training was for 36 trainers and managers from all the Rural Training Centres around Vanuatu. The goal is that after the workshop, the trainers will teach the module to over 2400 students who are currently enrolled in the RTCs around the country.

February 19, 2007

VRDTCA i stap promotem jenda ikwaliti long ol RTC

By Marie Claude Savard

VRDTCA i stap promotem jenda ikwaliti long ol RTC

Plante pipol oli think se jenda hemi abaot woman nomo. Be toktok ia jenda hemi abaot woman mo man. Jenda hemi abaot fasin blong wok long laef we sosaeti i givim long woman blong hao hemi behev mo akt, mo fasin blong wok long laef we sosaeti i givim long man blong hao hemi bihev mo akt olsem wan man. So, jenda hemi no abaot “woman nomo” o “man nomo”. Hemi abaot fasin we man mo woman i wok tugeta.

Taem yumi tok aboat ol jenda, hemi includim ol raet blong man mo woman tu. Hemi includim ol raet blong olgeta blong save gat akses long edukesen, helt seves, wok, mani, mo patisipet long disisen-meking proses long familyi komuniti mo kaontri.

VRDTCA i think se ol woman mo man oli sud gat semak valiu long saed blong edukeisen, mo semak janis blong kasem wan braet fiuja. Minim se sipos wan gel i wantem tren long wan RTC, hemi sud gat semak janis long wan boe long komuniti blong hem. Mo sipos hemi wantem stadi kapentri mo mekanik, RTC i sud aloem hem blong mekem, from hemi fea nomo. Sipos wan boe i wantem lanem homkea, hemi oraet tu. Tufala i sud gat janis blong jusim wanem nao oli wantem stadi, mo oli sud gat semak akses long trening ia.

Naoia long Vanuatu, i gat moa boe bitim gel olsem treni long ol RTC. Hemi minim se ol gel oli no gat semak janis blong kasem trening long ol rural eria. Long tis yia bakegen VRDTCA mo wan dona, PITIC tufala i oferem 30 skolasip blong helpem ol gel blong gat akes long trening.

Mo tu VRDTCA i glad tumas blong oferem wan niufala kos module – nem blong hem “Jenda Rol, o Fasin Blong Wok Blong Man mo Woman”. Blong introduisim module ia mo mekem sua se ol staf long ol RTC oli save wanem nao jenda i minim, VRDTCA i stap organaesem wan woksop long Vila, long namba 27 Februari kasem 2 Maj. Woksop ia hemi blong ol trena, be bae i sud gat wan nara woksop blong ol maneja long wan nara taem long tis yia.

I gat plante difren wei we yu save mekem sua se ol woman mo man oli gat semak valiu mo RTC blong yu. Be nambawan samting we yu save mekem hemi blong givim semak janis long ol gel mo boe blong tren mo kasem wan braet fiuja.

Wan bigfala tank yu

VRDTCA i wantem kongratulaetem ol gel we oli visitim wan skolasip long yia ia. Wan bigfala tank yu i go long dona blong yumi, Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission.

Ol maneja ol no mas fugetem blong sendem wan ripot i kam long Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centres Association long end blong evri tem, blong kasem skolasip blong nekis tem. Gud lak long yufala evriwan.